Kisbi Coffee provides premium coffees from Costa Rica, Kenya, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Our plan is to expand the number of countries we buy coffee from so you continuously have a greater selection. We have visited coffee growers in Costa Rica and paid close attention to each of their unique growing techniques. Kisbi Coffee is committed to bringing you better quality coffees from different regions, so you have access to some of the best coffees from around the world.

Kisbi Coffee is also committed to helping other organizations who have proven to help the poor around the world. Kisbi Coffee gives a percentage of its profit away to help the underprivileged, by partnering with organizations it admires and respects.

We have teamed up with two organizations, including the 100 Club of Chicago, an organization that provides for the families of First Responders who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty. We've also teamed up with Opportunity International, an organization that provides micro financing to entrepreneurs in the developing world so they can grow their businesses, create jobs and change their world in a quest to fight global poverty. When you buy Kisbi coffee, you are also helping improve the living conditions of others. We thank you in advance for giving others that opportunity. .

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